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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Daddee's Day!

When I saw this shirt online I just could not resist. Actually when I saw this IRON-ON online I could not resist. My plan was to get the iron-on and put it on some cute pink tee shirt. Wrong. But alas, I bought an iron-on that is already placed on a shirt that is for a much larger daughter "whose Dad still loves Kiss even though they have had way too many reunion tours and their collectible guitar picks are incredibly expensive".

I guess that will teach me to shop online during work... I am obviously not paying attention.

Anywho, Hannah still rocks it, ya think? As a wise man once said "You're so money and you don't even know it."
...yeah what he said.

Hannah and Dallas reunited

Last month the Hodge family let us know that they were passing through our area and asked if we could meet up. Of course! Right before their visit, Susan found out that Hannah and Dallas were in the same foster care together. Zheng Ju Xian was their foster mother. What a great opportunity for the girls to see each other again!

So we headed off to Friendly's on a rainy, cold (sorry Susan) Sunday. We had a lovely breakfast and then spent some quality time in the lobby of the Friendly's (since the weather was not cooperating). It was wonderful to see how much Dallas has grown. Of course, the girls didn't seem to recognize each other - hello, what was I expecting! I guess I was hoping for a glimmer of recognition. For me, seeing the Hodge family certainly brought back alot of fond memories from the trip. At least the girls enjoyed each other's company... and the ballons.