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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All I want for Christmas is a really big piano, a really big piano, a really big piano...

Sheesh Lousie, this kid is spoiled. Hannah has always shown an interest in the piano. And when she "plays" on one, she never bangs on it - she just touches it delicately to really hear the sound that comes out of each key. So when we were coming up with ideas for Christmas presents this year - the idea of a piano came up. We were lucky enough to find one on craigslist and "viola!" we have piano. Unfortunately, hiding the piano was not an option, so we gave Hannah the piano right before Thanksgiving.

Here is Hannah at the "unveiling".
The second part of the present will be lessons that will hopefully start in January. Keep your fingers crossed that Hannah takes to it (cause you know her parents have her fingers crossed too!)


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Greyson!

Greyson had a lovely birthday party in the park. Thankfully the weather was just right.

Delicious Iron Man cake. Yummmmm.

All the kids had a great time. I took about one hundred pictures of the kids spinning on this thing. Are children less susceptible to dizziness than adults? I was getting dizzy just looking at them and they just wanted to keep spinning and spinning and spinning. Ahhh, youth.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Jadyn!

Jadyn had a great idea for a birthday party. Since her birthday is close after Halloween, she asked for a costume party. Tha way, all of her guests got some extra use out of their costumes.

Jadyn even got a Halloween cake. Yummy!

Jadyn's Mommy always does a great job on the party games. She is willing to turn her house into a complete mess. Bless.

Since Hannah's Statue of Liberty costume was a bit bulky, we put her in last year's dance costume. Thankfully it still fit!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Chalk Art, revisited

Last week, Grandma and Hannah greeted us in the driveway with some wonderful chalk artwork. I'm kind of jealous because it looks like they had a blast.

Here we are one big happy family. Hannah even included baby Amelia - sleeping happily in my arms. Oh and let the record show your Honor, Hannah drew Daddy's long arm because she wanted his hand on Mommy's shoulder. Mommy had NOTHING to do with the depiction off Daddy's freakishly long arm. ;-)

Then there was a turkey-off. Grandma's turkey looks little Amish, don't you think?

They even gave us room to park our cars around the artwork.

Thank you Grandma and Hannah for the lovely welcome home!

Halloween 2010 Part Two

Trick or Treat!


Everyone, let's stop and pay homage to the Great Inflatable Pumpkin. Why do you ask? Because this Great Inflatable Pumpkin is hard. to. find. At least this particular Great Inflatable Pumpkin is hard to find. So last year when you fall in love with the Great Inflatable Pumpkin (or G.I.P. as I like to call him) and the lawn service visciously attacks GIP and leaves him for dead on your lawn with a giant hole in the side of his head, you are very sad. Then you spend the better half of November searching for a worthy replacement for GIP, but no black cat or stupid witch can hold a candle to GIP.

So you give up. You decide that it was not meant to be: GIP and you were not a match. Seasons change, fall becomes winter, winter to spring and spring to summer. Next thing you know it is September again and you are reminded by every Halloween display what you have lost. And then you find it. Or your husband finds it. And you order it as quickly as your credit card numbers will allow and you wait, wait, wait for GIP to come back to you. And he does! And you are together again. And this time, you elevate GIP on a "stage" of hay. Everyone gather round, GIP is back! Ohhhh, ahhhh.

Ahem, okay I'm glad I got that off my chest. Thanks for listening! Moving on.

BTW, I love that my Mom likes to dress up like a witch to hand out candy. Ain't she cute?

Since Ayden was not really cooperative for the trick or treating pictures, I posted the picture of him from the church's Halloween party so you can get the full Frankenstein effect.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Charleston... it's about time!

Goodness gracious, how long does it take to post some pictures around here? I'm sorry these pictures took so long, here is the rest of Charleston for your viewing pleasure:

The highlight of our trip to the Charleston Aquarium was the Sea Turtle Hospital. We took a tour through the facility and Hannah got to see a variety of sea turtles who were on the mend.

Hannah hanging out in the beautiful fountain.

Daddy and Hannah. Awwwww.

Mmmmmm, cupcakes.


Thank you Honey for a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween 2010 Part One

These pictures are from the Halloween party that took place a week before Halloween at our local church.

Come on now, isn't she THE cutest Statue of Liberty ever? Yes, she might be missing the tablet - but still, she even had green sandals on people. BTW - did you know that the Statue of Liberty is NOT holding a book? I always thought it was a book. Duh. Anyway, she is holding a tablet with the date of the Declaration of Independence engraved in Roman numerals.

Welcome to Dr. Davis's Haunted Lab-BOR-atory. Chris likes to say "Lab-BOR-atory" instead of "Laboratory" but I didn't want to confuse the kids so I spelled it correctly on the sign.

When a willing victim, ahem, I mean participant reaches their hand into the hole, one of three bowls will be placed under their hand. Once they reach into the bowl, the participant needs to identify which body part they are touching: Brain, Heart, or Eyes. If the participant guesses correctly they win a prize. No worries, everyone won a prize.

See? they don't look so gross with the lights on do they?

This was the first time we did this activity with the kids and they seemed to really have a lot of fun with it. Some kids came back several times so they could touch every body part.

I love this picture of Mrs. Baucom. She was one of the few adults willing to try the game.

Yours truly was in charge of the cookie decorating station. Each child got to decorate their own sugar cookie with several different kinds of icing (i.e. sugar), sprinkles (i.e more sugar) and decorations (i.e. even more sugar). I practically went into a diabetic coma just watching these cookies being made.

Here are some of my favorite creations:

And of course, what is a Halloween party without some face painting?

Don't worry Hannah, Mommy & Daddy are working on a piano of your very own. Stay tuned.