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Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of First Grade... sigh.

Here are some photos from this morning along with a comparison to last year. Is it me or does she look like she is sixteen? I am old.

Check the sparkle shoes. Oh yeah.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Connor!

Connor and his family were kind enough to invite us to his skating birthday party this year.

This was Hannah's maiden voyage on the eight wheels of thunder and she did really well. She fell about every two inches, but she kept a smile on her face the entire time.

Yes, girls become one with the wall. Love the wall, for she is your friend.

I like to call this picture "Who's she?".
It seems that Hannah has been replaced in Connor's heart. And of course she is blonde. Neither of us had the heart to tell Hannah, she just went along with the intrusion for this picture. Subtlety is not part of a six-year-old's world.

Goodbye, sweet Connor. May your new blonde friend love you as much as Hannah did.
Single tear.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Sierra!

Who would have thought that an inflatable water slide could offer hours of fun? Apparently these kids did.
Happy Birthday Sierra!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

This morning's cuteness

I interrupt my regularly scheduled catch-up posts to bring you a snippet of cuteness from my conversation with Hannah this morning. She is going to a day camp near my office this week, which means plenty of girl talk during the drive. Since today is "Impersonate a Rockstar" at camp, Hannah is all glittered and pink from head to toe.

We had a discussion about who Hannah is impersonating; several candidates were discussed, Hannah Montana, Madonna, P!nk and Britney Spears. During that conversation, I mentioned that P!nk is having a baby. Here is the script:

Me - "Hannah, did you know that Pink just had a baby?"
Hannah - "No, really?!"
Me - "Yes, she just had a baby, so she is little like baby Sophie."
Hannah - "I want to pray for Pink's baby to be safe."
Me - "You are a sweet girl, honey. But I don't know the baby's name".
Hannah - "Is it Purple?"

Wait for it... and smile.

By the way Hannah chose Britney Spears for her impersonation. She is on the comeback tour.

Sidenote: Here is Hannah dressed as a pirate the following week of camp. Ain't she a cutey?

Monday, August 01, 2011

Talent Show 6th Birthday Party

Ever since Hannah asked for a talent show birthday party (about one day after last year's birthday party) I have been trying to figure out how to pull this off. I didn't want it to be circus-y or too fashion-showy. So I started to think about what kinds of talents a six-year-old could possess. I focused on art, dress-up, music, sports and overall horsing around. Then I went about creating stations for the kids to basically run around and exhibit their talents.

For last year's birthday party recap, I don't think I included the invitation. While this year's invitation was not as elaborate, I thought it turned out okay. I was going for a six-year-old version of Moulin Rouge. Eh.

This year, I did go a little crazy on the cake. Apparently I need to obsess over one birthday party detail per year. Last year, it was the invitations complete with custom party soundtrack. This year, it was the cake. Check out the frankenstein diagram I put together to create the ultimate "talent show" birthday cake.

I was really happy with it. The size was perfect, there was very little fonDANT and it tasted delicious!

Birthday girl posing with the photobooth props.

Hannah's birthday party walk of fame. I was hoping to have the kids write their name on each star, but I ran out of time. Sigh.

This is the art station. I used an old chalk board and gave the kids a bunch of paint brushes, chalk and water and asked them to go to town.

And here is the stage. This turned out to be the main stage where the kids got to play dress-up, sing, dance, act and play instruments. It was funny to watch them adlib with each other.

Here is my handsome handsome getting the snow cone machine set up. Highly recommend a snow cone machine. As you can see from the snow cone stained faces - it was big hit.

Here is an example of the overall horsing around.

Panoramic shot of the whole party.

Sidebar: This shot was taken about five minutes before Hannah got stung by three yellow jackets. Apparently while the kids were running around the yard, my daughter got too close to a nest, and zing! zap! ouch! There goes the rest of the party. Actually, it only took Hannah about half an hour to regain her composure. It worked out well because we just had the rest of the party in the house. We did get back to the outdoor movie (which was AWESOME by the way), but we started the movie too late for many of the kids to stay.

This is Connor. If you have been following this blog for awhile, you already know about Connor. Simply put, Hannah just loves Connor. She met him in daycare and has missed him ever since she graduated. We thought that she would meet someone new at school, but apparently no one can hold a candle to him. Too bad that Connor's family does not live in the same town. Here's a secret, don't tell Hannah, we are going to Connor's birthday party this Saturday. Hannah knows that we are going to a birthday party, but she doesn't know who its for. Shhhhhh.:-)