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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All is fair in love and blogspot

Since I have posted some not-too-flattering pictures of Chris the last couple of weeks, I promised I would post some old embarassing pictures of myself to make up for it. I even let Chris pick. Here is his choice:

I must confess that this is the only known picture of my pastey-white midriff. It has not seen the light of day since. Obviously a tap dance recital, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the song we danced to. The brightness of this outfit probably blocked it out of my mind.

And if that wasn't embarassing enough, here is my pick:

I have many favorites in this picture: the monogrammed lavender (my favorite color) sweater, the hello kitty barette, my "long luxurious blonde hair", the fact that I am not smiling because I am wearing VERY TIGHT BRACES. I definitely favor my Dad in this picture.

So Chris, are we even?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Breann & Patrick!

We were invited to Breann's wedding this past weekend. Breann is an old friend of mine from my last job. Thankfully, Breann was kind enough to let us bring Cole with us at the last minute. So we got everyone's dancing shoes together and packed up the car for the trip to Anderson, SC. Hannah and Cole had a wonderful time dancing. They really entertained the guests at the wedding with their antics. I hope the photographer got some good pictures of them dancing - my camera does not do their cuteness justice. They talked about it the following day to anyone that would listen - the wedding must have really made an impression. Hannah kept calling the bride, the "lady in white" and her bridesmaids were "the girls with the red dresses". They had so much fun, they both fell asleep in the car before we left the parking lot.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Roof

June 2005

May 2009
The roof has always been something we wanted to fix as soon as we moved in. But since our roof is a bit "complicated" it took awhile to find anyone that was willing to give us an estimate, let alone do the work. Once we found someone, we had to wait almost a year for them to coordinate our project within their schedules. Now that it is done, we couldn't be happier. Everyone thinks we got a new roof, but we decided to keep the antique tin tiles. We had them powerwashed, then applied rust-inhibitor, primer, two coats of paint and a sealant to the roof. Isn't it pretty?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So, what do you think?

I've been toying with the idea of creating two additional blogs. One that chronicles our never-ending journey of renovating a 100+ year old house and the other that shows my design work and inspiration. My thought is that people who like "The Cute" and you know who you are, may not care for my dusty house or my designs. So I pose the question, can you handle all of my shizzle? Or do I need to shelter you from the rest? Just let me know. Thanks!

P.S. To be fair, while I have posted renovating stories, I do not think that I have posted any design work, so here is a taste of the latest logo I created.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

While we were driving around Liberty, we saw these banners promoting a special vote on May 5th. I thought it was interesting that there appeared to be many more of the "4 mixed drinks" banners than "against" and that the "4 mixed drinks" banners were designed much more professionally. Hmmmmm.

Update: Iredell County voted in favor of Mixed Drinks by a narrow margin. Party on Wayne!

Cole-Man is back!

Welcome back Cole! Cole is our nephew and we are so glad to see him again. He's been living with his Dad in NJ since January and my has he grown since we've seen him last. He is going to be spending the weekends with us for awhile. Cole and Hannah play really well together (Cole is only 5 months older than Hannah). They had a blast tearing apart Hannah's playroom and sharing toys all weekend. It is interesting to see how they interact with each other - they are both going through the "Cindy Brady" stage where each is quick to tell me what the other has done wrong. This will good for us to get used to two little pitter patter of feets (although it more like a stomp stomp!). And it is good for Hannah to get used to sharing the spotlight. He is a wonderful little boy and we are thankful to get to spend more time with him.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Good enough to eat.

While we were away, we stumbled across Fearrington Village. Other than the awesome belted cows there is a store called Dovecote.
I wanted to eat it, I loved it so much. Everywhere I turned, there were so many wonderful displays and alternate uses for old stuff... I was in heaven. I asked if I could take some pictures, and while they were nice enough to let me, these pictures just do don't this place justice. And no, Chris won't let me glue leaves to the ceiling... I've already asked.


When Hannah was little one of the things that made her belly laugh was when we pretended that she knocked us over with her legs while she was swinging. And even though she has gotten bigger and actually COULD knock us over with her strong little legs, we still play this game with her because it stills makes her belly laugh until she hiccups. I took this picture at the state park near Liberty and it makes ME belly laugh every time I see it.

I know, I'm mean.

A perfect weekend

We are fortunate enough to have our family day anniversary and our wedding anniversary fall four days apart from each other. Because of this we try to take a nice weekend away. In addition, the Liberty Antiques Festival falls right around the same time. Liberty is our favorite antiques show - I like the location, the vendors and the size. This year we spent two nights at a bed and breakfast about 20 minutes from the antiques show. The weather was perfect. We had a wonderful time looking at old junk, meeting Fearrington's Belted Cows, investigating the local state park & dam and petting animals at the Celebrity Dairy. It was a perfect weekend. We will definitely be back in Sept.