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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dance Costume Preview

We got a pleasant surprise at dance class this week - the costumes are in! Can you stand the cuteness?

Valentines Day

I never realized how much work Valentines Day is until this year. I guess since Chinese New Year was later this year, it kind of snuck up on me. Well, I wasn't going to do it alone - I put my girl to work... Oh who are we kidding, she scribbled and licked envelopes. Man I got the short end of the stick... I didn't even get any candy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

How do you say "Happy Valentines Day!" in our household?

Free tickets to Monster Jam. Why do I feel like I am in a " might be a Redneck" joke?

Hannah really enjoyed wearing her "Ear Muscles" (aka ear muffs). But since she couldn't hear anything, she really wasn't that interested in watching the trucks. Oh well, there goes my idea of having a Monster Truck 4th birthday party! Just kidding Mom, the early word is that Hannah wants a Tinkerbell birthday party.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Naudi'yah!

This past weekend, we also had a birthday party for one of the girls at Hannah's daycare. Naudi'yah is a little older than Hannah so I am not sure how well they know each other. But the mother of this little girl happens to be Hannah's teacher. Shhhhhhh, so what if I was brown-nosing a little bit. Hey if it gets my daughter one extra Nilla wafer at snacktime, it was worth it... and so it begins.

Baby Shower

This past weekend we got to go to Aunt Vici's baby shower. Aunt Jackie came down from NJ to help throw the shower and she and Vici's Mom did an awesome job. I wish I could take some credit for their handiwork, but alas I was turned down when I asked if I could help. Hmmmmm, maybe they know something I don't. Aunt Jackie made the awesome topiary lollipop tree and the delicious baby footprint cupcakes. And when I say delicious, I mean DEE-LI-SHUS. Hey, fat girl knows her cupcakes.

Anyway, Hannah did a pretty good job in staying still and not trying to open the presents. She still goes to strangers VERY easily. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but Hannah is extremely social. It is a quality that I admire in her, but at the same time it scares the tar out of me. I hate to discourage her, but I feel I have to in this day and age. I tell her that not all people are kind and she needs to ask Mommy if she can talk to someone first. So far, she has ignored the warnings, but I will keep trying. At the same time, it tickles me the questions she asks people out of the blue. It's funny to see their reactions since her questions are a little left field. For example, she asks "Where are your babies?", "What color is your house?", "What is your Daddy's name?". The house color question always takes the longest for people to answer.

P.S. That's not a stranger's feet Hannah is standing on, that Uncle Budd.