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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hannah & Dallas are foster sisters!

It is confirmed! Dallas's Mom has received a history report that confirms that Dallas and Hannah were in the same foster home at the same time. Hannah and Dallas's foster mother was Zhu Ge Shui Xiu and foster father Xie Ting Xin. There were no other foster babies in the home. We are hoping to get an address and picture soon.

Thank you to Dallas's Mom for doing some further investigation and sharing this wonderful information.


I "heart" stickers

It has been a long time since I have posted anything random. For the most part, my posts have been focused on detailing a specific event, whether is a vacation, party, etc. Well, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to just give you the opportunity to observe Hannah in all of her "hannahness".

The girl loves stickers. And when I say love I mean L.O.V.E. She would rather play with stickers than alot of other toys. And they keep her occupied for a while. She likes to stick and re-stick them on paper, books, the dog, her parents, etc. But her favorite place for stickers is herself. She's been known to put them on her legs, cheeks, belly and arms. Particularly her left arm. Hmmm, I wonder what that means. Your Honor, I present to you exhibits A,B & C... please pay close attention to the left arm.

I rest my case.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Beach last part

All in all, Hannah had a great time at the beach. And most importantly, we all got a chance to relax together as a family. The end. :)

The Beach part 2

We also took a day trip to Wilmington, NC. It is a very cute town - it reminded us of a small Charleston. Hannah confirmed her ham-bone status and just mugged for the camera. Nice necklace, right Audrey?

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We also celebrated Matthew's birthday at the beach. Can you tell he likes the Yankees?

The Beach

I proudly present the long-awaited beach photos. The very first day we went out to the beach, just to see how Hannah would react. She didn't seem to like the texture of the sand between her toes, so she wanted to be held. She liked to watch the waves come in. Overall, Hannah took it a little while to get into the beach-spirit. But once she was in, she was ALL IN. Letting the waves knock her over and everything, with a big smile on her face.

The first day, she didn't like the texture of the sand, so she wore her water shoes. As you can see, she is enjoying the sand so much that she is throwing at me. Nice. The next time she took her shoes off, but still clung to us very close in the water. And the third time, she went for it. We got lucky that she is good about closing her eyes, because they didn't seem to burn. She got some sea water in her nose, but if anything maybe it cleared out her sinuses. heh. I even taught Hannah to write her name in the sand. Pretty good, huh?

We also had the chance to ride the ferry to the next island to go to the aquarium. I took the first picture on the ferry. Sometimes Hannah looks so much more mature in her photographs - it scares me. She didn't seem to enjoy sitting near the alligator, but she did like the fish.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hannah in a Nutshell

I figured that it was as a good time as any to keep you updated on all-things-Hannah. Some juicy tidbits about our girl besides the adorable photos, because she is more than a pretty face. She's deep. Or at least as deep as a two year old can get. Here goes:

• Hannah loves stickers. Not only does she love stickers, but she likes to stick them on herself. A cheap alternative to jewelry. Lisa Frank here we come! (anyone, anyone?)

• Hannah loves shoes. She is very particular about her footwear. You can dress her in a cardboard box, but the shoes got to match the outfit.

• Hannah's favorite phrases are: "No" "I don't want it." "Thank you." "Peeeeese." "Uppeeese" (translation: Up, please)

• She says "Bless you" if you sneeze or cough and "Sorry" if she hurts you (steps on your foot, bonks you in the head,etc.)

• She seems to have jumped right over Dora and LOVES Eego (translation: Diego). Leave it to Hannah to go right for the guy.

• She sings her ABCs very well, although she usually likes to sing them by herself. She'll tell you to "Shush" if you try to sing with her.

• She counts to 10 (sort of) and can count in Spanish with you.

• She does not like to be dirty or have her hands be dirty. She will frequently show you her hands during dinner in an attempt to get a napkin from you so she can clean her hands.

• She loves hair bows (hair bows are ANYTHING that can go in her hair - we haven't introduced the word barrette yet.)

• When we take her to bed, she always requests "One Book" complete with index finger, however we end up reading 5-6 per night.

• We lay down with Hannah for a couple of minutes to get her settled and she always tells us to "Lay down" and Close Your Eyes"

• She hasn't mastered her inside voice yet.

• She loves black olives.

• She has added the word "Now" to her vocabulary and adds it to all of her sentences.

• She sucks on her bottom lip to the point of a red welt.

• She is very ticklish around her neck.

• Lately, her baby's name is "Beth" (I don't know where this name came from) the baby's name used to be "Bunny".

• She likes call us "guys" as in "Come on guys" "Wait guys" and "Bye guys."

• She loves group hugs.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Just when we gave up...

We finally got a visit from Billy, Regina & Samantha! Seeing them again (and meeting Samantha for the first time) reminded us of how much we miss them. Since our visit was on Hannah's actual birthday, and Chris missed the original "blowing out of the birthday candles extravaganza", we reinacted it at the restaurant. There are talks of moving here, but if we have proven nothing while waiting for Billy... we have proved that we are patient. heehee

We love you guys - thank you for making time to see us!

CCAI Adoption Reunion

This year, the we took a trip to the Washington DC area for our first adoption reunion. Unfortunately, no one from our travel group was able to attend, but we still had a great time. We met up with another wonderful family that I coincidently had been reading their blog for awhile (Hi Kim, Ron & Madeline!).

The reunion took place in a beautiful, huge park. There were crafts and bouncy houses & slides, a playground and lake, and they held a dragon dance show and a puppet show. Even though it was hot as the dickens and Hannah pooped out before the puppet show - we had a great time!

The highlight was meeting Josh and Lily (the founders of our adoption agency). They both are so genuine and committed to what they do. It was very nice seeing so many happy families. We hope to make going to adoption reunions a tradition.