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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who's House... Hannah's House.

Hannah's friend, Abby, was kind enough to hand down her playhouse now that she has grown out of it. Hannah absolutely loves it and goes in it everytime she sees it in the yard. She likes to close the door and windows on us and then "pop" out all smiles. Thank you Abby very very much.

By the way, Hannah is wearing one of my favorite lines from Gymboree. I first found it when we were buying clothes for Riley, and ever since then, every time I see an item either on ebay or at a consignment sale - I just can't resist. I recently found this dress on ebay and won it at the last minute. Whew!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Birthday pictures

The tastiest, cutest monkey cupcakes you ever did see...

Thank you Grandma!

Surprisingly, Hannah did not mind running through the giant sprinkler ball...

The banana hunt went over pretty well. Although I think the stars and stripes balls kind of confused the participants. Oh well, at least everyone got a prize!

Mmmmmmm... monkey cupcake....


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Parade 2007

I thought I'd post a picture from last year's parade just to see what a difference a year makes.

The morning of Hannah's birthday party was the "Fourth of July" Parade. Hannah enjoyed it much more this year (last year I think the fire trucks scared her and we did not share the candy). She loved to wave to all the people and the floats. And of course the grape lollipop was a hit too!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hannah's Birthday part one

We held Hannah's birthday party a bit early this year so we could coincide with the fourth of July festivities in our town. I guess having July fourth on a Wednesday really messes things up.

Even though it was as hot as the dickens, we had a really nice turnout for Hannah's party, lots of friends from daycare, friends from far away and family. My Mom made these awesome monkey cupcakes (more pictures later). Our pastor and a friend of mine from work were kind enough to share these pictures with me, so I figured I post them while I am compiling my pictures. Y'all know how long it takes me. At least you have something to enjoy in the meantime.