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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Okay, be honest, did I over do it?

Last month Hannah's daycare sent a homework request for the babies. Let me just say that Hannah is 14. MONTHS. OLD. What could she possibly create that is homework-worthy? The request was to create a poster demonstrating the five senses. Again, she is 14 months old. I'm lucky if I can get her to point to her mouth when I say "mouth".

So I say okay, if I am going to do this, I am going to DO THIS. I've got art supplies and I know how to use them. I am a designer by trade, so I will DESIGN the crap out of this. AND I am going use all 5 senses while doing it - how do you like that daycare? Meanwhile Hannah sits on my feet and plays with her toys. I tried to get her involved but I was afraid she would try to glue her hands together. I am not sure what the daycare expected, by this is what they got from me.

So you be the judge, did I over do? Will I be able to top it for the next homework assignment (because you know they will have more). I wish I had a picture of the other collages... Hannah's rocks the hizzy.

But honestly if I have to ask if I overdid it, then I probably did.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Happy Birthday indeed.

My friend Amy was "kind" enough to buy me a this crown for my birthday. After wearing it for a good portion of the day (if I say so myself) at work, I went home and immediately made Hannah wear it. She is such a good sport, especially when everyone is oooing and ahhing at her.

We then headed out for dinner. My advice is to have a better idea of where you would like to go out to eat (especially with two babies in tow and even more especially in Podunk, NC) before you leave the house. Just a little tip from your Aunt Kimmie. Anyway we ended up at a bar, yes a BAR called Coyote's. The name should tell you that the boys enjoyed it very much. However, all I could thinking of was that scene in "Sweet Home Alabama" when Reese Witherspoon sees an old high school friend in the local watering hole and says "You have a baby... in a BAR." Nicely done Davis.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Let there be post.

I am sorry it has taken so long to post. I think about it everyday. Fortunately, I can upload pictures on my work computer so I'll be able to play catch up over the next few days.

Here are some pictures from our California trip. Chris surprised me with this trip since we have been under a lot of stress lately (and that was even before the flood happened). We went to CA to spend a long weekend with the clan Reynolds (the wonderful family we made friends with during our adoption trip - so much for cutting all ties ;). It was nice to see the girls back together again and see how they have thrived since April. We also got to meet the rest of the crew, Parker, Grant, Luke & Dakota the dog. We got to go to the beautiful Oakland Zoo - ever wonder how a giraffe takes a drink? The Reynolds were the most gracious hosts and a good time was had by all. Who knew Mike was such a cook! And their pool was the perfect way to relax. Hannah had a wonderful time - we just wish we were closer so we can get together more often.

During the trip Hannah got another tooth which made sleep challenging. We resorted to driving her up and down the block at 1:00am to get her to sleep. I'm sure being in a new place didn't help much either. Now we are up to four teeth!


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy Very Belated Birthday Audrey!

Here is my inadequate attempt to be clever. It definitely didn't turn out like I had in mind, but I guess in this case it is the thought that counts. I was trying to make it look like the girls were back together by using a blowup of Audrey at the Guangzhou Zoo in China. I couldn't get the angle quite right and Audrey is significantly smaller than I had planned. Anyway, Hannah seemed to have a good time.

Again, a very belated, yet Happy Birthday to Audrey.