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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Fruesday!

Actual Conversation from this morning:
Me: "Good Morning Hannah! Happy Tuesday!"
Hannah: "You mean, Happy Friday Mommy."
Me: "How about Fri-Tuesday? or Tue-Friday?"
Hannah: "or Fruesday? I like Happy Fruesday."
Me: "Fruesday? I like it. Happy Fruesday it is!"

Explanation: Hannah's last day of school during this Thanksgiving week is today.
Happy Fruesday!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cookie Decorating & Trick or Treating! Hiiiiii yah!

As always our Halloween season was packed with fun. Hannah had a great time at our church's Halloween carnival:

with the costume parade...

face painting...

and let's not forget, the cookie decorating station manned by yours truly!

I do not allow the children to leave until they pose with their delicious sweet creation. Obviously some are more thrilled than others. I know, I know, my cruelty knows no bounds.

A few nights later it was time for the "big show" - trick or treating! It was a little bit colder than it had been recently, so most of Hannah's costume was covered. I think that is the reason she wanted to stop trick or treating early. Oh well.

Here's our delightful pumpkin that we put up every year on our front lawn. I don't know why, but he always makes me smile.

Happy Halloween!