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Friday, June 26, 2009

Taking donations...

For those of you who know my decorating style, you know this would look awesome in our house. Am I right or am I right? Too bad it costs a fortune and is really far away. In case you would like to drool over this chest of drawers as I have been for the last few days, you can find it at Kent and London here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello, awesome lunch bag.

Can you deny the cuteness of this lunch bag? Hannah just started going on field trips through daycare so I needed to pack her lunch. I researched several lunch bags and I just. Could. Not. Resist. This. One. Just call me weak. I figured that I will take advantage of the fact that Hannah is open minded enough to give this lunch bag a try... for now. In case I have won you over, you can buy it here.

Too much you say? Wait until you see the sandwich and snack bags inside the bunny's head. Hee hee. Oh come now, we are doing our part for the environment. You can buy the sandwich bags here. So now Hannah is green and cool.

See, she can make anything look good. That's my girl.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"My teeth are shiny and clean!"

Hannah had her first trip to the dentist this morning and things could not have gone smoother. Her mouth is too small for the Xray just yet - so we got to skip that part. Good - because that is the part I don't like the most so I'm glad we could spare Hannah. No cavities and she got a purple toothbrush! Don't you wish all dental appointments could be like this?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Went Fishing

Stick 'em up! It's not what you think... those are not guns the kids have in their hands, they are holding the Fogo Rocket Fishing Rod. Instead of casting your line the traditional way and getting your hook all tangled or worse yet hurting someone (like Ben Stiller in "Something About Mary", you insert the hook and worm inside a capsule and shoot it out of the rod. It worked perfectly! I highly recommend this rod for fishing with little ones.

Chris had the great idea of going fishing for his Father's Day. We went to a lake north of our house that we have driven past a hundred times and have always wanted to go to. It was a beautiful lake and a great day for fishing. We got a little bit of a late start, ahem, that was my bad. Chris caught four fish (which we released). The highlight of the day was seeing a big mouth bass jump out of the water and spit Chris's hook out of his mouth. That was the one that got away.
For the most part, the kids had a great time. Although Hannah did not want to have anything to do with the fish once it was out of the water. It got a little hot towards the middle of the day, but we had plenty of drinks to keep us hydrated. We are definitely going back to this lake for another day of sun and fun.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We'll be back soon.

Happy Birthday Austin!

Hannah and Cole attended Austin's 3rd birthday party yesterday! Austin's Mom arranged for two special guests to come to the party: a clown (unfortunately I forgot her name) and Handy Manny. The clown painted faces, gave tattoos, played games and did magic. Then after some delicious cake, Handy Manny came to dance with everyone. Hannah and Cole had a great time as the last picture can surely attest to.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Supa Star!

She did it! Thank you everyone for all of your positive thoughts! She did it! She did great onstage and did more of the moves than I ever remember seeing her do. She even mouthed and motioned the words "I love you", which of course made me blubber like a baby. No meltdowns, just an awesome cutey-patooty performance.

All week I have been hyping up her "dance show" (the word "recital" just didn't seem to make sense to her) with the promise of a lollipop if she was a "good dancer". Since her music is Minnie Mouse's remake of Toni Basil's "Hey Mickey" - we've been singing the song all week too. We even picked out her special lollipop and I kept reminding her what she needed to so to get the lollipop. And of course, the first thing she asked me when I got to her onstage was "Where is my lollipop?" She knew she nailed it.

During the finale, she kept holding her hand up to her forehead and scanning the crowd for us. We waved and waved, but she never saw us. Maybe next year we should make a banner? Just kidding... or am I?

After the recital, we had just a little cake and goodies to celebrate. My Mom was kind enough to pick up the delicious cake. Thank you Mom! We all thought it was funny the way they spelled the word "Hey". Ahhhh, the country.

Thank you again for all your positive vibes and I hope we will be able to upload the movie once we get a copy from the dance studio.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Diva Meltdown Cute

We went to Hannah's dress rehearsal last Saturday. I was concerned about buying enough tickets, getting Hannah in costume and getting her pictures all while keep an eye on Cole. So thankfully my Mom offered to come with me. BTW, Chris was home working on the bathroom - a saga for another day.

So my mind was preoccupied with being in the right place at the right time. Everything I had to do involved waiting in line and then "go here" and "wait there" - all accompanied by the chaotic hum of screaming little girls in the background. Ahhhhh. So it never occurred to me that Hannah could have a diva meltdown on stage. Why would it? She was on stage earlier in the week without incident, she loves the costume and let's not forget she is a ham. But no, the stars were not in line for Hannah. She told me later that she just "didn't want to be on stage". Uhhh yeah, I got that.

We practiced the finale first with all of the PreDance groups on stage. Hannah did okay. She did some of the moves and even smiled a little. But she didn't seem like herself. After the finale, we had to wait through two other PreDance groups before it was Hannah's turn again, and I asked her what was wrong. She said she was hungry - no problem, I can fix that! We got some peanut butter crackers and she INHALED them. So, I'm thinking "good, now she will perk up". But no. The devil was in those peanut butter crackers and once Hannah got on stage again, all bets were off.

She sat...

She cried...

And finally just ignored everything around her.

O. M. G. And for the icing on this delicious diva meltdown cake, Hannah whispers as they are walking off stage, "I have to go potty." complete with the international "I have to go potty" stance. So I think "If she has an accident how am I going to wash the costume, do I have dry clean it? Will I get it back from the dry cleaners in time? WAIT - WE STILL HAVE TO TAKE PICTURES!!!" So I grab her off the stage while telling the teacher the situation, and RUN to the bathroom. Thankfully I got her there in time. Whew.

So the rest of the dress rehearsal went without incident - although who am I kidding all we had to do was wait in line for pictures and when it comes to pictures, Hannah is a pro. She even requested the prop umbrella to the photographer, she knows what she wants in a picture. So at least the pictures will turn out okay. We are now wondering if enrolling her in another year of PreDance was a good idea. I think we will wait and see. But as far as the recital, I'm going to watch with two hands over my eyes like I am watching a horror movie. Think happy thoughts next Saturday for us.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Uhhhh, how old are you again?

Tonight, Hannah took the stage for the first time her short dance career. Tonight we had dance class on the stage. This Saturday we will have dress rehearsal and next Saturday is the big recital. Without a moment's hesitation, Hannah went on the stage and followed her teacher's instructions. Sure she got distracted by the curtain, the lights, the parents taking pictures (ahem, I only snapped a couple of pictures when they weren't dancing or listening to instructions - thank you very much) but she did not seem unsure of herself for one moment. I envy her confidence. I hope it stays with her, it will serve her well.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So much for bed rails...

When I went to wake Hannah this morning, this is what I find. At least she didn't fall off the bed.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Whose Blog is it Anyway?

Boy, am I tired of seeing my "Carmen Miranda" dance costume... I bet you are too. So here is some random photos that have been taken over the last couple of weeks. Please ignore the ongoing bathroom saga that is behind Cole in the first shot. That is a separate renovation post for another day. The next couple of weeks will offer much more visual excitement as Hannah's dance recital is coming soon.

I will post more randoms shots tomorrow.