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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

She is now an egg hunter.

Hannah had the opportunity to go on not one, not two, but three Easter egg hunts last weekend. She is now a pro. We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Thankfully the weather was perfect. On Saturday, we went to our church for their annual Easter party and then from there we went to a local Easter festival at a community park. The Easter bunny was there, but Hannah did not want to go near him and only shot him dirty looks as we passed by. They had several egg hunts scheduled starting at ages 3-4. We took Hannah in anyway, even though she is not three yet. But thankfully they weren't checking IDs at the gate. There were alot of bigger kids in there (hopefully with their younger siblings) so Mommy ran interference while Hannah picked up the eggs. On Sunday after church, we headed to Grandma and Papa's house. Hannah got to wear a beautiful silk hand-me-down dress from Riley. She loved wearing it so much - Grandma and I had to tackle her to get the dress off so she could wear some play clothes. We had alot of fun with the Easter egg hunt, four-wheeling and delicious bunny cake. And then we finished off our wonderful weekend with bubbles, as it should be. Happy Easter Day!

Friday, March 21, 2008

No need to adjust your monitor...

She really is this cute. Yes, Mommy could not resist a pink tutu at the last consignment sale. If Daddy had gone with her, this loveliness would have never have happened. Besides it goes perfectly with Riley's "dassin shooos." There is a slight catch, Hannah wants to wear her "baareena dess" ALL THE TIME. We have to hide it from her otherwise she'd wear it to daycare. Oh well.

Happy Birthday Kyle!

A couple weeks ago, we were invited to celebrate Kyle's 5th birthday with the Barnett family at a sports/fun complex. Since Hannah is such a huge Kyle fan and we missed spending time with the Barnetts dearly - we knew we had to come.

Initially, Hannah was hesitant to jump in any one of the several bouncies that were available. I think there were so many kids and so much noise and activity - she needed time to get used to it. Once she watched Kyle and his friends having so much fun she then dragged Daddy in with her and once Daddy started slowing her down - she was off and jumping! Kyle's younger brother, Connor had a great time too. It looked like so much fun even I had to get in on the action. And Daddy was right there ready to take my picture (love you mean it).

And after the party, time for some yard work.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Busted flat in Baton Rouge..."

We had the opportunity to spend a lovely long weekend with our friends Clay and Ashley and their children Riley and Chance. We try to see them at least once a year and it had been over a year and a half, so we jumped in the car and made the "longer than we thought it would be" drive and it was so worth it! We got to see downtown Baton Rouge and relax with some very good company. Riley and Chance made a huge impression on Hannah (although their potty training did not rub off - shucks) and asks about them often. She wants to see "my Riley and Chance". Hannah also borrowed some beautiful clothes from Riley - Ashley knows how to dress her children. Hannah has fallen in love with the ballet slippers and the dresses. Uh oh... I think we have a diva on our hands.