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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hannah's new playpen

Things have been slow in the Hannah cuteness department. Not that Hannah hasn't been cute, oh no, it is that she has been cute when I am no where near the camera. We have also been dealing with alot of poop lately, and that kind of puts a damper on everyone's mood (see below). Today Hannah insisted on playing in this plastic tub I had just emptied out. Well, not completely empty since I left a bunch of Easter eggs in there. One large plastic tub - $10.00... a dozen out-of-season Easter eggs - $5.00... watching your daughter invent her own game - priceless.

You can also see Hannah's latest trick... she can pull herself from a seated position and stand while leaning on something (coffee table, parent's leg or in this case plastic tub). Pretty neat huh?

The last two weeks have gone by really fast. Which is great because I think we were dreading me going back to work. We had our first official call from the daycare, although in complete Hannah-style, it was not for the usual fever... apparently, Hannah pooped in epic proportions and I needed to come get her to give her a bath because it had gotten in her hair. Now I am thinking there is a pile of poop in her hair from what they described over the phone, so I jump in the car and drive an hour to pick her up. I get there and there is ONE STRAND OF POOP in her hair. One. A wet paper towel across the head could have easily been the solution. Nice. At least all the caregivers were apologetic because they did not realize I worked so far away and I gave them a Jersey-look so they won't do it again. I've got no problem picking her up when she is sick or God forbid if there is a serious situation, but next time you can handle the single poop strand thank you very much. Since I had the rest of the day off I made an appointment with our pediatrician since the epic poop situation has been going on for almost a week. We just started whole milk and thought that was the problem, then we switched to soy and there was no difference. So needless to say, enough poop is enough poop. It turned out that Hannah had two ear infections and that was causing the diarrhea. Did you know that ear infections can cause diarrhea? Yeah me neither.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

One tough day... for both of us.

Thursday, July 6th was one tough day. After saying goodbye to her grandparents, Hannah was sent off to her first daycare experience. I had planned on leaving her there for a half day and then picking her up and going to the doctor for her one year physical. Hannah did fantastic at daycare - she cried when I first left the room, but after that she was fine. So I sniffled all the way home and waited for the time to pick her up. Needless to say she did better than her Mom.

The exam was not as smooth. Hannah started to cry as soon as the doctor put the stethoscope on her chest. You can see the suspicious look in her eye in the photo. She calms down quickly, so much so its as if it never happened. Then, of course, Hannah had to endure FIVE shots. At least the nurse that administered the shots was like a "shot ninja" and it was over before we knew it. Unfortunately, one of the shots can cause a fever up to two weeks after innoculation. Great. Well, Hannah has as much patience as her Mother and decided to get the fever right away. I dropped her off at daycare on Friday for a full day... it was not in the cards. The daycare called at 9:45am saying that Hannah had a fever of 101 and I needed to pick her up. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the big day. I go back to work and Hannah starts daycare. Wish us luck that everything goes smoothly and is emotional blubbering-free (that's for me of course).


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How do you spell fun with friends and family on the fourth of July?


We packed two car loads of babies, friends and family and took off to the zoo. It was a hour long drive, so all the babies (and some of the adults) got a quick nap on the way. Hannah really enjoyed the fish and the otter, but I think the wolf stole the show. Hannah very much enjoyed howling at the wolf along with Riley, Chance, Clay & Ashley (Hannah's God parents and their children). She really got into it - even tried to stand in her stroller. I tried to catch it on video, but let's just say I need a lot more practice using that camera. After a long hot day, we loaded everyone back into the cars, and this time everyone napped, except the drivers of course (sorry Clay & Chris).

Once we got home, we had to say goodbye to the Kittrell family. Our dear friends had a very long drive ahead of them - they drove over fourteen hours to meet Hannah. We can't say enough how much we appreciate them making the trip. It was wonderful to see them again and meet their son Chance. Riley has grown so much since we saw her last, quite a little lady. Hannah had such a great time with the babies and the baby goldfish made a huge impression. Thank you guys so much for coming... now its our turn.


Busy, fun weekend!

This first picture is of sweet Hannah after she fell asleep in mid-sip. Now that is a busy weekend! Hannah got to meet her two Grandfathers, one Grandmother, one Uncle, God parents and her God sister & brother. We also had our Turkey Fry and Birthday party combo and Hannah's christening. Did I mention that she got to swim in a pool, eat goldfish and pull herself up for the first time? She has even started to take a few (well-aided) steps. Wow! Hannah was so excited to meet everyone and do everything that her whole schedule has been turned upside down. No worries, she recovers quickly! I just wish we were so quick to recover. Our house has been a lively place to be! As always, Hannah was a gracious host with an abundance of smiles and sweetness! She is most certainly the best thing that has ever happened to us.