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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

First Glimpse of Sweet Hannah

We are excited to present the cutest little girl in the world!

Hannah's Announcement:

Sunday, February 26, 2006

This week IS our week!

The time is finally here. We WILL receive our referral this week! "The stork has left the nest" and is headed to our agency. Chris and I are getting really excited! We will finally have something to show to our friends and family - after they've been listening to us talk about it for over a year and a half. I cannot believe that it has been a year and a half - sometimes it seems like more, sometimes it feels like it has flashed by. One thing is for sure, we would have never been able to get through it if it wasn't for our community of friends and family, some of you have just joined us and others have been here for the loooong haul. Either way, a sincere thank you.

Chris says that it will seem more real to him after he sees her/his picture. I tend to agree. I feel that her picture will do two things: a) give me something tangible to stare at until we meet her and b) give me the need to jump on a plane, any plane headed towards the general area of China. :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What if Hannah is Connor?

As our referral quickly approaches, it has dawned on me (more than once) "what if Hannah is a boy"? In our request, we did not specify whether or not we would prefer a boy or a girl. We figured that when you have a baby biologically - you don't get to choose, so neither did we. I admit, we have played the averages (95%) and decorated the room for a girl and bought a TON of girl clothes. But more importantly, how will we feel? Will there be an ounce of disappointment? I have searched my heart and I say a definite NO. We went through this process to provide a loving home for a child in need. We went through this long, long process to grow our family. Regardless of whether or not we call them Hannah or Connor.


P.S. Don't even get me started if it is twins - now that is a different story!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Wait for it... wait for it... Hurry Up!

Since we are at the end of our waiting phase, we are beginning the preparation for the big trip. We should be receiving our referral any day now! In the meantime, Chris (aka Baba) & I (aka Mama) are working various projects in and around the house. We purchased a circa 1900 home and while I would not recommend this undertaking for the faint of heart, my husband is the handiest man ever, so for us it is completely doable. Chris is remodeling the upstairs bathroom while I am painting everything that gets in my way. We have almost finished the painting in baby's room and now we are starting the hallway. I have collected every packing list I can find online and have started assembling our travel piles. I've put everything in the baby's room, so it gives me a good excuse to spend alot of time in there. :)