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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hannah at the County Fair

Hannah got to go to her first fair recently and it was a big huge success. I took some pictures of her pre-fair because she looked so darn cute. And she was nice enough to keep the hat on longer than 3 seconds. We started our fair experience by being suckered in to one of those "Every Chance is a Winner". Hannah was very good at picking up a duck that yielded a prize (they all do, but what does she know?). Hannah won a rubber duck and a plush monkey.

Then we tried the merry-go-round. Hannah was extremely focused the first turn with me. She held onto the pole and looked straight ahead the whole time. By the second go around with Daddy, she was much more relaxed. Check out the high five with Cole - isn't that the cutest? We ended our day with some good ole' fashioned carnival food. Hotdogs and funnel cakes and french fries... oh yuck!


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Ashley said...

I LOVE all the new posts. Hannah is getting so grown up and so full of life - such an amazing age. I wish I still took in every moment of every day with that much energy and excitement! We miss ya'll and love ya'll!