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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why I stink at Chinese New Year and Tiffany rocked it...

Since this year is Hannah's first Chinese New Year with us, I wanted to make a splash. I wanted to celebrate, educate and enjoy our first Chinese New Year. I wanted to make a BIG DEAL. I also wanted do something nice for her class at daycare. But in typical Kim fashion, my grand plans got boiled down to something more realistic. Something I can manage at the last minute. I still made a statement, but it was a small sentence spoken in a very soft voice. I present to you exhibit A:
This cute little box contained a dragon windup toy and the oh-so-stereo-typical chinese fortune cookie. I intentionally kept this mainstream for the daycare, because I did not want to blow their minds with "There are no fortune cookies in China, it's an American thing..." spiel - I wanted to ease them into this new thing. I was moderately proud of myself for this accomplishment - at least I did not forget it all together.

And then I get this in the mail. I present to you exhibit B:
Wow. This beautiful package came with a personalized ladybug outfit, chinese cookies and chocolate coins. Paper lanterns and paint set for decorating the paper lanterns, a card from Audrey, decorations for our door, a bracelet and paper toy. All contained in a dragon gift bag. Oh. My. God. Thank you so much! This was so thoughtful! And now I know I need to step it up next year. Oh forget next year, we are going to rock the Moon Festival... when is it? Not until September, okay I've got time. Wish me luck.

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