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Saturday, January 05, 2008


This year Hannah played an "angel" for two church Christmas plays. She acted just as you would expect a two year old to be - running around, getting distracted, walking off stage... basically stealing the show. I didn't get many good pictures of the angel in action, but here is one after the second show was over and she could play with the curtains.

We all got up early on Christmas morning to go to 7:00am mass. I was proud that we made it all on time. After a hearty breakfast, we came back home to open presents. Hannah was wonderful. She methodically looked at each present - and she started ripping at the paper only after she was told it was hers. She handed out our presents very nicely too. She wanted to play with each present as she opened it - giving fair attention to each, which made the process go pretty long. She was almost disappointed to have to move on to the next present. We took a little break in the middle and that seemed to give her a renewed energy to get through them all. Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts.

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