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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We now interrrupt the cuteness for an important announcement.

Notice anything strange in these pictures? Besides all the dog hair - look closely. Oh, I don't know, could it be the BABY SQUIRREL HANGING OUT IN JACK JACK'S CAGE?????????

Let me explain. When I got home from work this evening I went to the front room to let Jack Jack out of his cage. As I am approaching the cage I hear a ruckus - unusual for Jack Jack but the alarm bells in my head do not go off just yet. Then I get closer to the cage and I see what reminds me of the hedgehog toys we used to get Pooh Bear (our old dog who we lost three years ago). But wait a minute. Jack Jack doesn't have a hedgehog and wait... IT JUST MOVED. I get a little closer and see that it is a baby squirrel. I slowly approach the door to let Jack Jack out - who looks totally freaked out but not vicious towards the squirrel at all. This confirms my belief that this dog is a total push over. I let him outside and run back to the cage to take pictures. Oh come on, would you believe me if I didn't have proof? Then I call my knight in shining armour who thankfully was only five minutes away. Then I get Hannah to show her BUT DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE I tell her and I figured it was worthwhile because this just doesn't happen everyday. Chris comes home and brings the cage outside, opens the cage and eventually the baby squirrel wanders off.

Here is my theory. We found the point of entry - the upstairs bathroom light fixture. There is a gaping hole in the ceiling because we just found the cutest antique light for it and have not installed it yet. Chris found insulation on the floor which confirms the point of entry and the fact that we now have squirrels in our attic. Nice. Anyway, baby squirrel, I shall call him "Louie", makes it down a full flight of stairs and sneaks into Jack Jack's cage while he is asleep. I'm sure it was all snuggly and warm for Louie. That is until I woke Jack Jack up when we got home. And you know the rest.

So how was your evening?

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Anonymous said...

Umm... Oh. My. God. You just sound WAY too okay with this Kim - not at all the lady I am familiar with ;-) Boy, those backwoods of North Carolina are a scarey place! heehee Tiffany