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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The pool

The pool at the condo was awesome. Along with two pools, it had a water slide (which the kids went down about 1,000 times), a lazy river and a kiddie pool. A little something for everyone. Taking pictures in the lazy river was tough (my camera is not waterproof, nor can I move quickly to avoid splashes), but I tried to get some action shots of the kids on the slide.

I took a few pictures over the course of the week of the kids on the slide and I love how Riley held her nose EVERY single time. A very sensible girl.

Notice that Hannah is accompanied by Daddy - she refused to go down by herself so Chris had to go down the slide as much as she did. Mommy tried it, but after Hannah and Mommy got mouths and noses full of water, we decided that Daddy was much better at it.

Thank goodness the Kittrells thought to bring this floatie. Hannah got ALOT of mileage on it going around and around on the lazy river.

Cutie pie in the kiddie pool.


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