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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Pageant 2009

These pictures were taken at the rehearsal for this year's Christmas pageant. Doesn't Cole look handsome?

Hannah wanted to wear her halo and angel wings (from last year's pageant) and I figured "Why fight it, an angel is seasonally appropriate". Cole followed the pageant director's request by wearing red and green and a Santa hat.

Each child was assigned a letter to spell the word "CHRISTMAS". The younger kids were assigned a "buddy" who read the little saying for them. Hannah's buddy was not able to attend, so we worked with her all week to memorize her saying. Hannah got the letter "C" and yes, that meant that she had to go first. Cole was the letter "M". (He kept saying "M is for Money", smart boy.) Greyson got the letter "R".

Hannah's saying was "C is for the Christ Child, our Savior and our King." She said it perfect! And no worries, we got it on video... now if we can ever figure out how to get on the blog...

See? It spells CHRISTMAS!

After the pageant, we conducted a mini-photo shoot with all of the kids: Hannah, Cole, Greyson and Ayden. Don't they all look so cute?

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