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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hannah's Dream

Hannah was telling me about her dream last night and it was so cute I had to share:

"Mommy! Last night I had the most wonderful dream and I was in it! I was the light and all of my new friends and old friends were afraid of the Bad Beards. The Bad Beards were going to lock them in the dungeon! I said to them 'what is wrong my dears?' and they said 'Oh Heady Knocker, can you help us?' and I said 'of course'."

Just in case you need an explanation...I know I did. The "Bad Beards" are the bad guys because they have beards and they are mean to children. The "Heady Knockers" are the good guys because they knock the Bad Beards on their heads.


1 comment:

Jackie said...

that is too cute :)