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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All I want for Christmas is a really big piano, a really big piano, a really big piano...

Sheesh Lousie, this kid is spoiled. Hannah has always shown an interest in the piano. And when she "plays" on one, she never bangs on it - she just touches it delicately to really hear the sound that comes out of each key. So when we were coming up with ideas for Christmas presents this year - the idea of a piano came up. We were lucky enough to find one on craigslist and "viola!" we have piano. Unfortunately, hiding the piano was not an option, so we gave Hannah the piano right before Thanksgiving.

Here is Hannah at the "unveiling".
The second part of the present will be lessons that will hopefully start in January. Keep your fingers crossed that Hannah takes to it (cause you know her parents have her fingers crossed too!)


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