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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

100th Day of School

So yesterday was Hannah's 100th day of school. NOT that I am counting, but apparently Hannah's teachers are counting. Yikes! Not sure what that says about Hannah...

Anyway, they had a big 100th day celebration - complete with a 100 tiny snacks and 100th day crown for the children to wear. The teachers asked the parents to dress their children as a 100 year old person. Chris thought that they meant a person from 1911 and I just thought a really old person. Guess who was right!

I must say that Hannah REALLY got into character for this. The "cane" (a cardboard tube) and the glasses were both her idea. She also wanted me to paint her hair gray - but I drew the line. She stayed in character all day long and even got off the bus as a little old lady. Already she's getting into the "Method". Yeesh.

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