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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Fair to Remember

The Cabarrus County Fair never seems to disappoint. We've gone every year since we brought Hannah home and always have a good time.

This year we went with Sierra and Dakota (Sierra is Hannah's best friend). I think we did this last year too - this is becoming a tradition!

The girls had a wonderful time riding all the rides their height would allow. And as you can see in these pictures, the weather was just perfect!

This was the first year that we got to enjoy the pig races. I did not realize how big of a deal the races were - we had to stake our claim on the bleachers at least 40 minutes ahead of time since we got shut out of the first show we tried to see. The pigs were awesome! The things those little pigs will do for an Oreo (prize at the finish line).

I did not realize that pigs were such good swimmers!

Isn't this little guy cute?

This is how they end the pig races. A-dorable.

The girls decided that they wanted to go on one last ride before we left. They all wanted to go down this huge slide.

Sidebar: Mamma Bear (aka Me) is not a fan of heights or scary-sliding-down-slide-thingies. But I am trying to not impose my hang-ups on Hannah, so I say sure, "Let's stand in line!" Besides Hannah loves roller coasters (at least the kiddie kind so far) which makes Papa Bear very happy that he'll finally have someone to ride the roller coasters with.

So we wait in line, and I send my precious delight of a little girl to ascend the VERY long staircase alone. Then I watch as my daughter comes down the slide (after she was given a little shove by the worker at the top) with a look of sheer terror on her face.

See? Doesn't she look scared? Yeah, she was really freaked out. I think this may be the last time she willingly goes down one of these slides. Hopefully she will be willing to still ride the roller coasters.

After the fair, we went back to the house and enjoyed "Nanny McPhee 2" on our blow-up movie screen. We bought this setup for Hannah's birthday party, but since the yellow jackets decided to end the party early, we did not get to show off our movie screen.

Luckily the weather was warm enough to sit and relax and watch a movie with friends.

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