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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Her bangs! Her bangs!

Early into this past summer Hannah decided that she wanted to grow out her bangs. Correction: she thought she could just cut her bangs off and be done with it, so Mommy and Daddy had to convince her that in order to get rid of her bangs, she needed to grow them out, not cut them off.

So you may have noticed over the course of the last several months that we have been using every hair clip in our arsenal to keep her bangs at bay:

Some attempts have been more successful than others.

In any event, I figured it was high time to at least provide you with a glimpse of where Hannah's bangs are now untethered...

Ta da!
Is it me, or do "watched bangs never grow"? Hannah's idea of just cutting them off doesn't sound so bad...

Just kidding! Here's our pretty girl sporting the side swoop that we can never seem to achieve without hair clips. And yes, she was about to go to sleep when Mommy took these pictures. Wake up Hannah! Photo shoot time!

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