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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hannah got her ears "peered"!

Several months ago, we asked Hannah what she wanted for her 7th birthday. Her answer was "I want my ears peered." It took a minute to figure out that she meant her ears PIERCED. Since then, in true mommy-of-the-year fashion, I have been telling her every horror earring story (some true, some fiction) I could think of to see if she was serious.

"It will hurt!" I said, she just shrugged. "They will BLEED!" I said, she said "Not for long." "You will have to wear ugly gold balls in your ears for SIX MONTHS!" I said, "I like gold balls." she said. Humph.

Convinced that she was not going to change her mind, I took her to get her ears pierced at our local mall. Unfortunately, there was one person working at the store, so she had to pierce each ear one at a time. Yeah, that was the opposite of awesome. It took about 15 minutes to convince her to do the other ear. I felt bad for the other shoppers in the mall - she was not a solid endorsement for Claire's.

But finally, she did it. And I must say, they look really nice. They centered nicely on her tiny ear lobe. And so far they have been healing well too!

And that was just the rubbing alcohol!

Notice the discreet handling of the piercing gun.

Awwwwww. Doesn't she break your heart?

Sweet Frog makes everything better!

Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Pea!

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