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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who's House... Hannah's House.

Hannah's friend, Abby, was kind enough to hand down her playhouse now that she has grown out of it. Hannah absolutely loves it and goes in it everytime she sees it in the yard. She likes to close the door and windows on us and then "pop" out all smiles. Thank you Abby very very much.

By the way, Hannah is wearing one of my favorite lines from Gymboree. I first found it when we were buying clothes for Riley, and ever since then, every time I see an item either on ebay or at a consignment sale - I just can't resist. I recently found this dress on ebay and won it at the last minute. Whew!


1 comment:

Kim said...

Hiya Kimberlee, Chris and Hannah! It was great meeting you at the CCAI Reunion.

I love Hannah's new house! We just had a big tree cut down (it pained me to do it, but was necessary) in our back yard where we hope to put a playset.