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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Random Hannah

Just a couple random bits of Hannahness...
- She still loves stickers. We had a church yard sale this weekend and Hannah had a great time peeling the pricing stickers off of items and putting them on others. It was a fun game for Mommy to guess what the original price was supposed to be. One basket had at least 6 prices on it - I guess she really wanted to sell that one.
- She loves soft serve vanilla ice cream and pink (strawberry) ice cream.
- She is a slow eater. She likes to take several breaks during a meal (especially if we are eating out).
- She has started to phase herself out of naps - at least on the weekends. Needless to say, progress on the play room has gone from slow to VERY SLOW.
- She does not like loud noises and frequently tells Daddy that his "tools are too loud and they are hurting her ears".
- She loves to wear dresses. She usually gets to wear them on Sundays, but sometimes we squeeze one into Saturday too. I don't send her to daycare in a dress for fear of what I might get back. The girl loves to play in the dirt.
- When asked what type of party she would like for her third birthday she responded simply a "pink party". Challenge accepted.
- She tells everyone that she is a princess. So now she is called Princess Hannah at daycare.
- We've started talking about a sister every once in a while. So far she seems to be excited with the idea. I think it helps that two of her friends at daycare just had younger siblings.
- She has NO interest in potty training and tells me she will do it "later" whenever I put her on the potty. Wish us luck.



Kim said...

Those are great! I'm thinking that pink affinity is definitely something innate to girls rather than imposed. I TRIED to get Maddie to enjoy other colors but, for her 3rd birthday what did she want...Pink Presents with Lots and Lots of balloons. Easy enough.


Anonymous said...
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karen said...

Hi long lost neighbors!

We have been following your blogs from day 1, I love reading about Hannah and watching her grow. She is a beautiful little girl, you are so blessed. Some of your stories cheer up my day. Glad you had a great anniversary!