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Saturday, May 03, 2008

A lovely anniversary weekend

What do you think of our latest yard project? Just kidding, I wish this was our yard. This was taken at the bed and breakfast we stayed at this weekend.

April 23rd was our second family day anniversary and I missed it. :( I was in Connecticut training for my new job. BTW, have I told you that I got a new job? If not, I apologize, and would be glad to fill you in on another blog post. Anyway, since Sunday was also our 12th wedding anniversary, Chris decided to plan a lovely weekend getaway for the three of us. I got back home Friday evening and Saturday morning we got up and went to the Liberty antique show. It is one of my favorite shows because it is the perfect size (not too big not too small) and the quality of the dealers has always been impressive. Hannah had a great time looking at all of the stuff and listened when we told her "to look and not touch" when we were looking at breakable things. We got some nice antique tiles for around the fireplace in Hannah's playroom and some printing letters that we collect. After the show, Chris took me to a wonderful little Bed in Breakfast. He had scheduled a massage for me as well. After the massage we had dinner and then watched 101 Dalmations on our portable DVD player. Hannah even went potty. It was a great day. The next day we had a delicious breakfast and headed to several different farms for their "open houses" where you can go and meet the animals and buy cheeses, wool, pottery, etc. Before the farms opened, we found a cute little park by a stream and fed some over-zealous geese and ducks a handful of cheerios. Overall, I think my and Hannah's favorite part was when the cow licked Daddy's hand. I don't think that was Daddy's favorite part.

I told Chris that he is off-the-hook for Mothers Day. We had a great anniversary weekend.

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