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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Day One, Disney World

aka "What do mean I can't take a direct bus to our hotel?"

We got to Walt Disney World safe and sound! Hannah slept almost the entire plane ride. We had some time to kill before we had our first group event. So we decided to go fishing since they offered it at our hotel. Chris has wanted to go fishing for quite sometime. Audrey and Tiffany were still asleep so we started out on our own. Hannah quickly lost interest in the fish so I entertained her with the worms. I think she liked the worms much better than the fish. Tiffany and Audrey soon joined us. It was wonderful to see them again. Audrey looks so grown up! Daddy caught a fish (and just under an hour too!). Since it was "catch and release" we didn't have to eat him. Lucky for him! Once we caught the fish, we headed back to our room to freshen up and figure out how to get to dinner. We went to the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review located at Fort Wilderness. Before the show, Tiffany gave all of the girls hats that said "Jiangxi Princess" on them. They all looked so cute in their hats and I cannot believe how grown up they look. I guess Hannah looks the same to them, but it wonderful to see how they have changed! We tried to get a picture of all of the girls before we went into the show and wasn't that a challenge. Audrey wasn't feeling like taking a picture, it was cute to watch Hannah try and console her. The Disney people seemed to be really stressed out about photographing all of the kids and we told them to "cowboy up we are used to this chaos". You'd think that Disney people would be used to it too. Maybe they missed that day in training.

That reminds me, DISNEY LEARNING #1: we encountered several rude Disney workers on this trip. Maybe 'rude' is too strong - but cynical is definitely accurate. What happened to the "Happiest Place on Earth"? We paid good money for this trip - leave the cynical at your one bedroom apartment. If I wanted sarcasm, I would have stayed in New Jersey, thank you very much.

But I digress. Hannah was totally captivated by the show. She just sat there staring almost the whole time. Then she started clapping, dancing and singing. She had a great time. We learned that Alexis is very sensitive to loud noises, so she wore her headphones for the show. None of the other girls seem to be as sensitive. After the show we headed to the campfire and a movie showing. Unfortunately, the movie was "Apple Dumpling Gang"... uhhh, no thanks. Of course they were showing 'Mulan' the day before - oh well. We stayed long enough to meet Chip and Dayle and get a couple bug bites and we were outta there.

That brings me to, DISNEY LEARNING #2: It is a total pain in the you-know-what to get from hotel to hotel. You have to go from your fanny to elbow to get there. And it takes FOREVER. I guess Disney wants the guests to go to the parks and then to the hotel, do pass 'GO', do not collect $200. Thankfully we made it back before morning. Just kidding.

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