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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day Two, Disney World

aka "Wow, my daughter needs a haircut."

Since today was the day the girls were going to have lunch at Cinderella's Castle, we started off the day with a toe and fingernail painting party. Since the pool was already crowded, we just setup in the hallway of the hotel. Thankfully there wasn't much traffic from the other guests.Lauren braided Hannah's hair in the cutest braid that with some luck and a lot of patience, I have hopes to replicate. So all of the girls had these cute bright pink finger and toenails - it was adorable. Hannah's toes are still in tact although the finger polish is now completely off.

Then we headed to Magic Kingdom. It was all decorated for Halloween - I don't remember seeing how Disney decorates for holidays. They also just started a trick or treat event at Magic Kingdom, but it was about $50 PER PERSON. No thanks.

I brought a tutu and crown with me to get Hannah in the royalty-meeting mood. Sorry Tiffany, I forgot to tell you that I was bringing some princess gear. Hannah did not have the dramatic reaction to seeing Cinderella's castle that I was hoping for. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but she was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of EVERYTHING, Cinderella's castle did not make a dent. Before we got to the castle we met up with the Evil Stepmother and Stepsisters. They were rude as can be - even to the kids. Tiffany said that they must be from New Jersey and the Evil Stepmother says "New Jersey, I've never heard of it, it must a kingdom that no one wants to go to." Oh, no she didn't! Somebody hold my earrings while I tear this girl up... Oh wait I'm in Disney World. Never mind (It turns out that I had save my fighting energy for Day Three...Stay tuned).

Hannah was thrilled to meet Cinderella. The picutre we got at the end of the event was the one that made me think "Gosh, she needs a haircut." Cinderella was a really pretty Cinderella. I heard that sometimes the face characters are not as attractive - that's not nice to say about Princess Jasmine, oops was that out loud? See the Jersey coming out of me again. Hey, I'm no prize either, I couldn't walk around with my abs showing. First the girls got their pictures with Cinderella and then we had lunch in the castle with the rest of the princesses. Each of the princesses came around, signed autographs and took pictures. My favorite is Sleeping Beauty - did you know that Sleeping Beauty is Princess Aurora? The food was really good. I recommend the sweet potato fries. Once lunch was over, it was time to explore the rest of the park. We got really lucky in that there were really no lines for any of the rides. We walked right into "It's a Small World". Hannah just sat with her mouth open the whole ride. I don't think that she's ever seen such a production. I took pictures of her, but they are not very flattering. After "It's a Small World" we headed over to the Winnie the Pooh play area. And guess who shows up? And guess who gets shy around Tigger? Well, you can see from the pictures.

Then we headed over to the Mickey Mouse small kids area and Hannah was tall enough to go on her first roller coaster. Chris said she loved it. She was laughing the whole time. Great - now I will get to stand by myself again when Chris and Hannah want to ride the roller coasters - I've really got to get a hold of that fear. Anyway, later she got to ride the go-carts with Daddy too. Chris you just remember this when she wants to get her drivers license. She did not like "Pirates of the Caribbean" - I think the skeletons at the beginning were too much for her.

Before we left Magic Kingdom, we all visited our brick. Tiffany was kind enough to take some silly pictures of us in front of our brick. For our honeymoon, Chris and I went to Disney World. As a surprise, Chris purchased a brick and showed it to me when we got to Magic Kingdom. The brick was guaranteed for ten years, so we were happy to still see it. I'll have to scan in the old picture of the two of us laying down on the brick back in 1996 so you can laugh at us.

We had a wonderful day at Magic Kingdom.

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Betsy said...

Love all the pictures! It sounds like you'll need a couple days' rest when you get home. So the brick thing...surprisingly touching to me. I never imagined that a brick would get me to tear up. (sniff, sniff)