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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For those of you who are not familiar with the China adoption process, “the wait” is the period of time between sending your paperwork to China and receiving your child match. Because of a multitude of reasons that I will not get into, China’s wait times have increased dramatically. For example sake, once our paperwork was complete, we waited 10 months for Hannah. Now we are looking at 3-4 years of waiting for our second child. Yuck. Since there is not a single thing we can do about this unexplained increase, I have chosen to poke fun of it. And now that we have waited for one year, I feel that we have done “enough time” to justify our tomfoolery without offending other families who have been waiting longer than us.

During our last wait for Hannah, my mother joked that I have the gestation period that is longer than an elephant. Ever since then, I have stuck that in the back of mind and have recently done some research to see if that indeed is true.

The human gestation period is an average of 266 days.

So far our “gestation period” has been 371 days. Currently it looks like our wait will be at least 1095 days.

For comparison sake,

The average gestation period for an American buffalo is 270 days.

The average gestation period for a cow is 280 days.

The average gestation period for an otter is 290 days.

The average gestation period for a horse is 340 days.

The average gestation period for a Bactrian camel is 410 days.

The average gestation period for a black rhinoceros is 450 days.

The average gestation period for a sperm whale is 490 days.

The average gestation period for an Asian elephant is 645 days.

See? Mom is always right.


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