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Friday, January 02, 2009

The Opening of the Presents

Hannah was fortunate enough to get a lot of presents this Christmas from friends and family. We have been trying to not make a big deal over them since presents are not the "reason for the season" if you will and so far that seems to have worked. Let's see how it goes next year. Hannah's Grandma and Papa came over to spend Christmas Eve with us and play bingo (Hannah's latest favorite game). We had early morning service Christmas morning so that is why Hannah is dressed all fancy when she was opening presents. You see, when we tell Hannah we are going to church that means she wears a dress. No questions asked. So Hannah walked down the stairs to go to church and had to immediately walk out the door to make it to church on time. I thought she would have complained more, but she seemed to be excited to go to church and we just told her that the presents would be here when we got back. After church and the breakfast, we went home to open some presents. Aunt Jackie is playing right to the princess side of Hannah with a Princess Jasmine doll, Princess Aurora doll (Sleeping Beauty) and Sleeping Beauty's horse. Grandma got Hannah a cute outfit for her baby doll. Poor baby doll has been wearing the same outfit for a couple of years. And Grandma Debbie hit it right on the head with a Tinkerbell alarm clock. Although Hannah wasn't as crazy about it after the alarm went off. hee hee After we opened all the presents, Daddy took a nap and Hannah put on some of her gifts. Her favorite gift by far is the water goggles. When Hannah says it it sounds like "water gotters". Santa brought them to help Hannah keep the water out of her eyes when she takes a bath (which is still a chore by the way).

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