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Friday, September 04, 2009

Sick Day Cupcakes

Last week Hannah had her four year old checkup and was the unhappy recipient of three different shots. Hannah calls them "pokes" because the nurse said right before administering the first shot "Now, you are going to feel a poke..."

Unfortunately, the "pokes" gave Hannah some trouble. She was feverish and overall achy for a few days. Since daycare has its fever policy, we decided to keep Hannah home one day to let her rest and hopefully get over her discomfort. In the afternoon, we decided to make cupcakes since Hannah was feeling better.

Here's how cupcake making goes down in our household:

Step One: Mix batter.

Step Two: Lick.

Step Three: Pour batter into cupcake pan.

Step Four: Bake.

Step Five: After cupcakes are cool, ice the cupcakes.

Step Six: Enjoy.


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