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Monday, September 28, 2009

Wanted: a friend for Jack-Jack

Strike three! Let me explain. Over the last several weeks, we have been trying to find a friend for Jack-Jack. I think I have mentioned before that ever since Domino passed away, he has been really lonely.

Strike One:
The adorable puppies from a coworker were both sold while we were on vacation.

Strike Two:
Lady who we found on never returned my call. We scheduled a meeting time and place and when I called to confirm and get directions to her home... nada.

Strike Three:
Another kijiji person. Again we had a very nice conversation (during which she never mentioned that other people were interested), scheduled to meet this Wednesday and tonight I got an email from her telling me that she met someone today and has decided to give her dog to them. Well at least she let us know. But I am still really bummed.

I am starting to get really disappointed in people. I feel like I keep going through a breakup when I have never met the person I am breaking up with in the first place. I didn't think finding a dog would be this hard. Any suggestions?

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