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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Party

I was so excited to see both Hannah and Cole in their costumes this year. I think they were pretty excited too. Our church was having a Halloween party the weekend before Halloween so we were lucky enough to get the kids in their costumes multiple times. Hannah tried the pink wig, but it was too hot and heavy for her to wear for any length of time. Besides, when I put her hair in braids, everyone kept saying how cute she looked- so I think she was okay with no pink hair.

I couldn't resist putting up some of the collection of Halloween face painting pictures from years past. I love that she gets something different every year.

I am REALLY glad that the church decided to use tongs for this year's bobbing for apples. I'm not sure Hannah has recovered from last year's "Bobbing for a Wet Head".

During the party we did a cake walk. For those of you who do not know, a cake walk is like musical chairs in that you walk around until the music stops. Once the music stops you stay where you are and the Pastor determines a winner by their proximity to a predetermined location. The lucky location changes for every round of the game. For example, "Cole you win because you are the closest to the poster of the pumpkin." Each winner gets to pick a cake from the dessert table. Cole won a pound cake. I thought it was interesting because Hannah did not want to have anything to with the cake walk, she wanted to play the piano with Miss Libby. Piano lessons in our future?

Happy Halloween!

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Kim said...

Great photos! Looks like a successful and fun Halloween!