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Monday, November 02, 2009

Our First Parent Teacher Conference

This morning, we had our first parent teacher conference. I was excited to hear some stories about our Hannah since they get the wonderful opportunity to spend more time with her during the week than we do. One story in particular has stayed with me all day and I thought I would share (if nothing else to keep a record of this before I forget).

Hannah's teachers told us about a teacher's assistant that comes into their classroom every Friday afternoon. She brings with her a little boy who is handicapped. They did not mention his handicap other than he has difficulty speaking clearly. They told us that Hannah was the first to volunteer that the little boy could sit next to her. She was talking back and forth with the little boy when the other kids gathered around and asked her what he was saying. She simply said "He is speaking Chinese, and I understand him." Her teachers said that they "talked" the rest of the time while he was in the classroom. They also said because Hannah accepted him immediately, that the other kids were much more open to his presence.

I can't help but to stop and be amazed by our little girl. Thank you.



Maria said...

That's my girl. Gigantic heart in that tiny little body.

kelly dipucchio said...

What a lovely story. Your daughter is as kind as she is cute.

Thanks for your review of LIBERTY'S JOURNEY last month.

paula :: plays with mud said...

what a sweetie. i just teared up.