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Monday, June 14, 2010

PreSchool Graduation

Now that I think back on it, last week was a pretty busy week. Hannah's "graduation" from preschool was on Wednesday and her recital was on Saturday (more on the recital in another post).

Hannah's teachers put together a really nice program for the parents. All of the kids were so proud to wear their caps and gowns. Of course, our pixie was the shortest of the group and had to pick her gown up when she walked otherwise she'd fall - but I think she liked picking it up because it reminded her of how Cinderella picks up her dress to run down stairs.

The kids sang several songs, the first of which was "God Bless America". The other songs had to do with numbers, letters, seasons and days of the week. Pretty impressive that they remembered all the words to all of those songs. Especially since I can't remember the songs titles at all. Heh. They did such a good job.

Along with their diploma, each child received a special award just for them. Hannah won "Best Story Teller". Sniff, sniff single tear. Here she is posing with Candace, V.J. and Connor (Hannah's future husband... at least that's what she tells us).

And of course we had to get a picture with Sierra. It's such a shame that the girls won't go to the same school - I hope we can still stay in touch.

Thank you to Hannah's preschool teachers: Mrs. Hall and Ms. West. While Hannah's has known you both for a short while, she is all the better for it.

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