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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stranded at the Drive In...

"...Branded a fool. What will they say, Monday at school?" ~ Danny in Grease

For those of you who live in the Charlotte area, did you know that there is a drive in? I think it is new - Chris stumbled across it in one of the region's magazines. Go to Charlotte's Drive In for more information.

They show two movies each night and offer a very limited concession stand. I would suggest you bring your own popcorn, because they only sell candy. That is if you like popcorn, I'm just sayin'. Our plan was to watch the first movie with Hannah - "Marmaduke" and she was SUPPOSED to magically fall asleep between movies so Chris and I could watch "Get Him to the Greek" - NOT a kids movie. Good plan yes? Yeah, No.

Hannah would not fall sleep, Hannah could not fall asleep. Hannah would not fall asleep on my lap, Hannah would not fall asleep in a snap. She would not sleep in the car. She would not sleep out of the car.

But did she fall asleep about three minutes into our drive home? YES. I guess "Get Him to the Greek" is going on the Netflix queue. Sigh.

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