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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hannah's first Class Trip

Hannah's first class trip was at the Children's Museum in Greensboro. If you have young children, and you find yourself in the Greensboro - I highly recommend it. It was a virtual wonderland of pretend play opportunities.

Here's my version of "Where's Waldo?" except "Waldo" is Hannah. Okay, can you find her? Oh come one, I circled her in red for you. My apologies, my circle is even tiny. Anyway, moving on.

Chris and I were lucky enough to both be able to go so we got two kids to chaperone. Amber is the second child we were responsible for and she is one of Hannah's closest friends. Isn't she a cutey?

Like I said, the museum is huge playground of pretend play scenarios: the girls ran around and got to be pilots, train operators, pizza makers...

firefighters, police officers, grocery clerks...

bakers, dentists, news casters...

meterologists, mail carriers, directors...

doctors, and oh you get the point. Whew!

There was also stage complete with dozens of dress up clothes. These outfits seemed to be the girls favorites because they wore them the longest.

After several hours of play - it was time go home. Since we drove separately from the bus, we were able to take Hannah directly home. Doesn't Amber look sad? sniff sniff

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