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Friday, April 22, 2011


Here are some of the latest pieces of art that have graced our patio and driveway lately.

This one is called "China". Baby Amelia is there in front along with a turtle (Hannah's favorite toy when she was a baby and now I guess it will be Amelia's. Sorry Amelia, I hope you like turtles.) Hannah put a rattle in Amelia's hand. Awwhhhh. Notice the Great Wall of China in the background?

I couldn't help but notice that Amelia looks like Jack Jack from the Incredibles. Remember when Jack Jack turned into a monster to get away from Syndrome at the end? Yeah... okay.

Now this one is entitled "Hop the stones or you will get eaten". Eaten by a variety of dangerous water creatures that is. Missing from this shot is the octopus and the water snake - they are sort of around the corner.

Watch as Hannah demonstrates the challenge.

See? It's easy!

So easy, I will do it again! (showoff)

And finally this is a dress or an elaborate crime scene outline that Hannah is demonstrating, I forget which. Happy Chalk!

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