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Monday, May 02, 2011

Egg Drop 2011

Hello all! Before we get too far away from Easter, I wanted to share some pictures. We went to two Easter egg hunts this year: one at our church and the second at the Lazy 5 Ranch.

The weather was pretty iffy in the morning so the church's egg drop was inside.

By the afternoon, the skies were clear and the ground was mostly dry. The Lazy 5 Ranch was crowded, but thankfully there was enough room for everyone. The helicopter did a good job of scattering the eggs.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day (too bad it is blurry). I think it really captures the chaos that is an Easter egg hunt. I even managed to get the lady dressed as the Easter bunny on the right side of the photo. On the other hand, this photo does make Hannah look a little more aggressive than she truly is. At least when it comes to egg hunts.

This shot is more like it. Hannah likes to mosey. She would walk to find the egg, and when she spots one, slowly bend down and SNAP! it's gone. She would then do a half shrug and move on to the next patch of grass and SNAP! SNAP! two more eggs are gone... you get the picture. She really didn't care much about the eggs at all. I guess she is an easy-going little girl.

Hannah was much more interested in holding the bunnies. The Lazy 5 Ranch set up a penned area for the kids to torment some cute bunnies.

Whatever these bunnies got for participating in this event - it was not enough. Can you see the look of terror in their eyes? Sorry to the lady bending over in the background of this photo... if I had more time, I would try to retouch you out, or at least hike up your pants.

After the egg hunt, we went to visit the animals. Here is Hannah's favorite, the turtle... or I guess this is a tortoise.

After all the families that came through and fed these guys, I could not believe that some of them were still hungry. Or maybe these are the backup animals that don't usually make it to the fence in time?

After the egg hunts, bunny holding and animal feeding (and subsequent hand sanitizing), we thought it was as good of a time as any to drive through the animal park. This time we decided to drive our own car - which was nice because a good portion of the animals were very plump and seemed to be getting their mats out for nap time. Having our own car gave us the flexibility to zip past them (at a whopping 3 miles per hour, mind you).

I think Hannah's favorite part was that she was allowed to sit on my lap as we drove through. It was like a whole new world was opened up to her.

Davis family on safari. Chris looks concerned.

"Don't feed the zebra!" as Hannah and I say this in unison (we remembered this instruction from our last trip) Chris holds the bucket out for Mr. Zebra and he quickly RIPS it out of his hand. There goes bucket #1.

We lost the second bucket because I basically threw it at one of these longhorns in order to get his head out of our car and so he wouldn't mistaken Hannah for a white bucket of feed.

We are not good at the bucket thing.
Happy Easter!

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