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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gaslight Circus, Peepshow Cabaret & Pittsboro

After a few minutes of relaxing after the Liberty Antiques festival, we decided to walk into downtown Pittsboro to see what was going on. Lucky for us the Gaslight Circus and the Peepshow Cabaret were in town!

Apparently, the Gaslight Circus is one day event where downtown Pittsboro gets turned into a Victorian Circus. The performers were stationed throughout different stores in town performing all kinds of mini-acts. They also offered face painting. When Hannah was asked what she wanted her face painted like... she said a gypsy princess. I think the end result was pretty convincing.

Next we stumbled upon the Peepshow Cabaret. I was really impressed with the performance. All of the performers performed skit after skit of really professional routines scenes set to music.

They even had mimes!

And a guy on stilts!

Hannah was impressed too.

Hannah wanted to talk to one of the mimes after the show. He was the only performer she wanted to meet. And of course it looks like she is yelling at him in this picture, but actually she was playing with him.

The next morning, after a de-li-cious breakfast, we decided to take walk around the neighborhood. Again, we got lucky and stumbled across this gem of a park.

As you can see there was lots of different things to do at this park. But by far, Hannah's favorite was the huge sandbox.

Hannah and Daddy made a few castles.

And then Hannah made it snow on the castles.

Seriously, I had to beg her to leave the sandbox. Poor thing, she used to have a sandbox at home until her mean parents threw it away (because it was filled with ants). And now her new sand TABLE is stuck in purgatory (otherwise known as the garage).

After the surprise secret park, we walked back to the downtown area and they were having yet another festival. Apparently, the first Sunday of the month is a mini crafts show complete with things for the kids to do... like chalk!

and bubbles...!

and rubber duckies...?!

and a bouncy house!
I gotta say if this series of events does not convince you that we lead charmed lives that we are extremely thankful for, I don't know what will.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dearest lover of PeepShow Cabaret,

The Cabaret is coming 11/19/11 to Davenport & Winkleperry's!!

See you there for our BIG 2 hour show??

The Mime