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Friday, June 22, 2012

Good Morning Karl, coffee?

Everyone, this is Karl. Karl, this is everyone.

Who is Karl you ask? Well, Karl is our new pet. I found him this morning behind the door of our daughter's playroom. He was just hanging out on his back and when I saw him, he said "Oh hello. Little help here?"

Sidebar: Please ignore the unfinished wall behind Karl, we live in a constant state of unfinishedness that I have grown to blissfully ignore until I have to take a picture of the area. Besides, this wall is behind a door which is almost always open. And good thing too, since this is apparently where I keep my crazy-huge insects.

So I righted Karl on his feet and immediately pushed him into a large coffee can. Not just a large coffee can - a HUGE coffee can. Because Karl is impressive. Just look at the SIZE of him. I put a quarter in the can so you can get some reference. Immediately after I took this shot he ate the quarter.

I named him Karl because any insect living inside a home screams Marxism to me. BTW - I may not be one hundred percent sure what Marxism is, but HUGE insects living in your home is definitely not Capitalistic.


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