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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strick A Pose (Recital 2012)

A friend of mine was showing me pictures from a recent trip and she described one of the photos as their "signature pose". I immediately made fun of her. None of you who know me are surprised by this. HOWEVER, it occurred to me that I have been creating a "signature pose" dance photo of Hannah for the last four years. Here is this year's signature pose: And here is all of the signature poses together: Thank you D for giving me something to call the first photo. "Signature pose" sounds better than "Yearly-dance-photo-that-type-A-personality-Kim-likes-to-subject-her-daughter-to". :-)

1 comment:

Danna Jones said...

The "signature pose" is clutch! It's a must now for all future dance recitals!!!!!