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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Colorado Reunion 2012 part 2

Going through these pictures, I am realizing just how much we packed into this week! Looks like there is going to be at least one more installment of pictures! Hope you guys are ready for it!

Hannah is a big fan of Benjamin. Can you tell?

We were lucky enough to fit in a visit to our adoption agency. It was really neat to see the offices and the employees that helped make our family possible.

Josh is one of the owners of the agency. He was a very gracious tour guide.

We were also lucky enough to take pictures with Lily, the other owner of CCAI and Josh's wife.

CCAI also offers many Asian classes, including dance. One of the instructors took a moment to teach the girls some moves with the scarf fans.

Since all of the girls' birthdays are all around the same time, we like to give them a mini-birthday party while we are together.

We bought the candle at CCAI. It is a lotus flower that opens up, spins, plays music and has a mini-pyrotechnics show. All in one candle!

Fun at the pool!

Our penthouse suite included a spiral staircase, which made the perfect place for the girls to "go camping".

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