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Monday, September 24, 2012

Looky Looky!

We interrupt the daily happenings of the life of Hannah to bring you these gems of awesomeness acquired through craigslist. Picture this, it's 9:00pm on a Thursday night and I am tooling around craigslist typing in some keywords that I have been searching for for years. And here is the listing that literally made me jump straight into the air. Behold:

What the what!? An Eames chair, for reals, for $100 dollars? These are US dollars, right? And check out the COLOR? ain't she pretty? Does it have legs? (Yes it does, the first photo does not show them). So I crossed my fingers and emailed the seller as fast as my short fingers could type. Please, please, please... This listing was three days old by the time I found it, so I did not have my hopes up... at least too much.

Although this was not my first craigslist purchase, I found the strategy laid out on the "cutest family ever" blog, younghouselove, extremely helpful. I was direct, asked no questions, offered full price in cash, and offered to meet at the seller's earliest convenience.

And about twenty minutes later, I got an email response back. It seemed like the longest twenty minutes OF MY LIFE. Patience is not this girl's strong suit. YES it was still available and YES the seller could meet tomorrow. And BTW, there is also an orange chair, are you interested in seeing that one too? That last comment just about made me faint. I regained my composure, and calmly responded back to make the meeting arrangements. Then I proceeded to do my best humpty-dance impression.

Less than 24 hours from finding the listing on craigslist these babies were mine. You knew I was going to buy both, right? To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes from the movie "Contact" "...why buy one when you can have two at twice the price?".

So now I am the owner of TWO authentic Eames, fo shizzle chairs. Huzzah! Truth be told, I spent a good amount of time this weekend cleaning, arranging and pillow auditioning on these chairs. I know, I live La Vida Loca.

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