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Monday, February 20, 2006

Wait for it... wait for it... Hurry Up!

Since we are at the end of our waiting phase, we are beginning the preparation for the big trip. We should be receiving our referral any day now! In the meantime, Chris (aka Baba) & I (aka Mama) are working various projects in and around the house. We purchased a circa 1900 home and while I would not recommend this undertaking for the faint of heart, my husband is the handiest man ever, so for us it is completely doable. Chris is remodeling the upstairs bathroom while I am painting everything that gets in my way. We have almost finished the painting in baby's room and now we are starting the hallway. I have collected every packing list I can find online and have started assembling our travel piles. I've put everything in the baby's room, so it gives me a good excuse to spend alot of time in there. :)

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