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Friday, May 05, 2006

Bon Vonage!

We're in the middle of packing up the room and we wanted to post one more time before we get home. Thank you to everyone who has followed our adventure, it has been a true gift to share this with you. Hannah is a wonderful little girl and we can't wait for you to meet her.

FYI - our itinerary over the next few days looks like this:
Saturday - leave Guangzhou at 6:30pm and arrive in Hong Kong at 7:30pm
Sunday - leave Hong Kong at 5:45pm and arrive in Chicago at 7:22pm
Monday - leave Chicago at 9:15am and arrive in Charlotte at 12:04 noon

We are so thankful - thank you to all of our guides during this trip, thank you to CCAI for being a wonderful agency to work with, thank you to group 947 (we rule!), and thank you to the Reynold's family - it was wonderful to make such good friends on this trip. We will really miss you and we'll talk to you soon.


P.S. We plan to keep this blog going to capture the many antics of Miss Hannah Mei Davis that are sure to come. Enjoy!


St. James Reformed Church, Mt. Pleasnt, N.C. said...

WE CAN"T WAIT! Although you probably won't see this "comment" I hope you feel the prayers for a safe return!
Pastor John

baynard said...

Since i'm off to Newark (AGAIN) on Monday, I thought maybe our paths might cross at good old Charlotte Douglass, but I don't get back till early evening. Hope you, Chris and Hannah Mei have smooth and safe travels. Call me when the jet lag lags and you guys are up for visitors.

Maria said...

Welcome home, Davises! I got a postcard from Nanchang today, too... kind of creepy, kind of cool. Can't wait to hear and see more about your trip home, and Hannah's adventures with adjusting to her new home!

Oh, and The Care Package decided to get itself consolidated w/ Mother's Day (EEE!), so it will be there soon. Good luck with the jet lag recovery.

Love you all!