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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Triple H

Hazy, Hot & HUMID.

During the day it is really humid... and here we thought we were used to humidity living in North Carolina. Wrong. The evenings are cooler with a breeze and most evenings it rains, kinda like Florida. We took some pictures of the streets just to give you a sense of the Charleston-thing. Chris also took a day and night shot from our room. Those tours boats look really cool maybe we will take one later this week.

Today we toured the Six Banyan Buddhist Temple, the Provincial Arts & Crafts Store and the Provincial Folk Art Museum. All were very beautiful and interesting - its just that I feel bad for Hannah. She has been on a bus everyday since we got her. I'd like to just hang out for an entire day. Oh well, hindsight is twenty-twenty. At least now we have the afternoon to relax. We do need to buy Hannah a traditional dress for the red couch picture tomorrow. It has become a tradition to take a picture of all the daughters on the red couch in the White Swan Hotel lobby - not sure why, but we're up for it.

Last night we went to the famous Lucy's for dinner. Lucy's serves American food and I think that is why it has become well-known in the adoption community. Hannah got to hang out with Audrey (Mike & Tiffany's daughter). We then strolled over to the coffee shop and got a hot cocoa (I really wanted a Iced Coffee drink, but I can't have the ice. Darn.). Notice how shiny my arm is in the picture - that's the bug spray, yeh the mosquitos will carry away small children if you are not careful. I still feel like they are buzzing around my ears. Anyway, we tried to find a good bottle of wine to share along with some Cuban cigars Chris bought for the fellows, but let's just say that China is not known for its wine.

Hannah is doing well. She tried the fruit puffs today and she is a big fan. She rolls over really well now. We need to build up her arm strength so she can crawl, or she might just skip crawling and go straight to walking. Who knows.


We found an outfit! We scoured all of the shops for just the perfect outfit and shoes and I think we got it. We had a dress rehearsal when we got back to the room and Oops! please pardon the wardrobe malfunction. Mom and Dad will make sure that does not happen tomorrow. Glad we tried it out.



kristin said...
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kristin said...

Hannah looks so adorable in her traditional gown! Love the wardrobe malfunction too! She will love that when she older. It looks like you all are having a blast together and Hannah looks so happy to be with her new mommy and daddy! - sorry for the removed post. Technical difficulties.

St. James Reformed Church, Mt. Pleasnt, N.C. said...

Hi guys,
Hannah gets prettier every day!!! I don't see how you can stand it, just one brag after another. Oh, don't we rejoice with you though!
Peace and love,
Pastor John

Ashley said...

Ya'll look like you're having an absolute blast and Hannah does not look like the daily bus tours are hurting her any. She is BEAUTIFUL! She looks FABULOUS in her new outfit. Her little personality just keeps growing and growing! We're SOOO happy for ya'll!

Your friends have a beautiful baby, too! Ya'll have to keep in touch so the girls can know each other forever - that would be really cool! Wish we could overnight ya'll a bottle of far niente or opus 1 or something. Definitely an occasion for celebration!

We love ya and miss ya,
Clay, Ash, Riley, & Chance