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Monday, June 26, 2006

We love a parade!

Last Saturday was the Fourth of July parade and fair in Mount Pleasant. I know it is a week early, but every year Mount Pleasant holds their festivities early so not to conflict with the neighboring town's events. Isn't that too cute? The parade goes right past our house, so Hannah got a good seat for her first parade. She liked everything but the fire trucks. They were all broadcasting their sirens at the same time as they went by... too much noise for all of us. Hannah seemed to be especially interested in the horses. After the parade, we went inside and Hannah followed Cole around and showed off her cute outfit. In some of the pictures you can see Hannah is perfecting her wave, its just too cute... and then Daddy tosses her in the air.


P.S. As you can see Hannah's hair is slowly starting to take on a life of its own. Now don't get me wrong, if anybody could carry off circa 1982 Pat Benatar hair, its Hannah. However, if anyone has any suggestions in taming this wild beast - they would be greatly appreciated.


Ashley said...

How cute! Looks like ya'll are still having a BLAST!! Can't wait to see ya'll this week!!!!

love ya and miss ya,
the kittrells

Tiffany said...

Get that girl some toys already - gesh! She doesn't have NEARLY enough! And her hair is adorable! We miss you guys a lot!

Tiffany, Mike, Audrey & boys